Thursday, 27 March 2003


On 25 Mar 2012 , temperature  was 40* C in Mumbai ( India )
Must be a record of some sort !

And a clear sign of global warming

Over the next few months , temperatures all over India will hover around 40* C

Millions will switch – on their air conditioners to beat the heat, drawing huge amount of electricity

To generate all that power , thermal power plants will need to consume enormous amounts of coal

Which will throw up into atmosphere , large quantities of carbon dioxide

Producing green-house effect

Raising temperatures still further – and demand for more air conditioners

Only escape – route is non-fossil fuel energy

Even if it is Kudankulum

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Wednesday, 12 March 2003


Indian parents know too well that , in order to succeed in life , their children must master English language

Here is the proof

National University of Education , Planning and Administration ( NUEPA ) compiled following figures for enrollment of students by medium of instruction :

  • English Medium Schools ……. 20.4  Million ( + 18.9 % over 2009/10 )

  • Hindi Medium Schools ………… 90.9  Million (+ 5.6 % over 2009/10)

With 220 million cheap Tablets ( computers ) to be given away free to the school children in the next 5 years, I would not be surprised if English overtakes Hindi before long !

Reason ?

Almost all the “ Educational Content “ ( as of today ) is in English – whether online or pre-installed on these tablets by their manufacturers

We are about to witness the biggest – and the most profound – social change in independent India

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