Monday, 27 March 2006


It all started with Jayalalitha promising free laptops to students of Tamil Nadu , if they would vote her to power

They did

Now she is busy distributing a million laptops to students – every year

For politicians all over India , this was an eye-opener !

They were quick to realize that it was no more ,

  • Roti , Kapada , Makan

  • Sadak , Pani , Bijlee

To win elections , they must promise ,

  • Tablets and Laptops

Next to adopt this new-age mantra , were

  • Akhilesh Yadav ( Uttar Pradesh )

  • Prakash Singh Badal ( Punjab )

Lo and Behold !

They too got elected to power !

Only yesterday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Gehlot came out with a promise to distribute free laptops to all students passing 10th or 12th standard

And believe me , in a matter of weeks , Modi ( Gujarat ) and Gowda / Yeddy ( Karnataka ) will make similar announcements

Not to be left out , expect Rahul Gandhi to promise , to every single Indian voter ( approx 400 millions ),

·     a Laptop and a Tablet and a Smart phone

if voted to power in 2014 national elections

And, all imported from EuroZone !

Soon India will become the most YouTube-savvy nation in the world !

What does it matter that , due to mal-nutrition , some 2,348 children die in India , every day !

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Tuesday, 14 March 2006


Times of India (  07,Mar,2012  ) reports :

  • Central Teachers Eligibility Test ( CTET ) was held on Jan 29, 2012

  • 10,58,000  teachers registered to take the exam

  • 900,000  teachers appeared for the exam

  • Only 55,422 teachers managed to score the minimum 60 % required to pass the exam  (approx 6 %  passed)

  • In last year’s exam , 14 % had passed

  • CTET was started by the Government last year to to ensure that the quality of teachers across the country is standardized

Consequence ?

15 year old students from 73 countries took part in PISA [ Programme for International Student Assessment ], conducted by OECD

When tested on their reading , math and science abilities , Indian students stood “ second – to – last “ . So what ? Indian students were ahead of the students from Kyrgyzstan, who stood last !
Students from China’s Shanghai province , which participated in PISA for the first time , scored highest in reading . It also topped the charts in math and science

You are welcome to draw your own conclusion !

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