Friday, 9 March 2007


In its election manifesto, Samajwadi Party has promised :

  • A free tablet for every student passing out of 10th standard ( ie: approx  5  million students )

  • A free laptop for every student passing out of 12th standard ( ie: approx  3.5 milion students )

Yesterday , in a TV interview , Akhilesh Yadav has confirmed that his party will fulfill its promises

Already , Jaylalitha ( AIADMK ) has made a similar promise during last year’s elections in TamilNadu , which brought her to power

By now , TN Govt has already placed orders for Rs 1300 Crore worth of orders on Indian Manufacturers for supply of laptops !

And , to fulfill her promise , she must place similar-size orders every year for the next 4 years , till her term expires

It will be the same in UP for the next 5 years

I believe , Prakash Singh Badal who just won the state elections in Punjab has made similar promise – and he would not want to be accused of not having kept his promise when 2017 elections arrive !

No doubt , Gouda in Karnataka and Modi in Gujarat , who face State elections in a few months , will want to capitalize on this “ winning formula “

Before long , 50 million Indian students will be getting tablets / laptops , every year !

So , who is the ultimate winner in elections ?

Without doubt , the computer manufacturers !

With  regards