Thursday, 28 January 2010

intelligent software

Ø Paraphrasing the content without distorting the substance

Ø Re-arranging of the presentation for great visual appeal

This makes resume re-writing a highly-skilled job , best left to expert / professional resume-writers.

But converting one's plain text resume into

Ø  8 visual  /  analytical  graphs

Ø  Re-arranging these graphs into thousands of unique   combinations

-         and doing this  Online  /  Automatically  /  Instantly , is something impossible without the help of  an intelligent software – a software which also highlights the keywords !
It took me quite some time to develop precisely such a software – then make it  freely  available to all at


hemen  parekh

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Customization of resume is an art

Then there is a science of customization which converts a plain text
resume into 8 graphs, online / automatically / instantly.
What is a resume supposed to achieve ?
 to capture the attention of the recruiters
 to motivate the recruiters to read it long enough to interpret the jobseeker’s story
To impress the recruiters, what you need is a graphical / visual / analytical presentation.
There is only one job-portal on the Web which can do this and FREE

hemen parekh