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27 June 2013

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Thus spake Xi Jinping !

-      at the 19th Congress of the Communist Party

{ Sources : Times of India -  Economic Times / / 19  Oct 2017  }


#   The country’s rapid progress under “ socialism with Chinese characteristics “ shows there is “ a new choice for other countries

#   The Chinese model of growth under the Communist rule is “ flourishing “ and has given “ a new choice “ to other developing countries

#   China has now “ become  a great power in the World “ and played “ an important role in the history of mankind “

#   I would not copy foreign political systems and the party must oppose anything that would undermine its leadership of China

#   China will deepen economic and financial reforms and further open its markets to foreign investors as it looks to move from high speed to high quality growth

#   China will push ahead with market-oriented reforms of its foreign exchange rate as well as its financial system and let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources

#   China’s open door will not be closed, it will be only be opened wider

#   The Government will clean up rules and practices that hinder a unified market and fair competition , support development of private firms and stimulate vitality of all types of market entities

#   We will introduce measures to increase party discipline and crack- down on corruption

#   On the matter of convincing the people about the Communist Party’s preeminent role in improving the lives of the general public :

     “ Not only have their material and cultural needs grown, demands for democracy, rule of law, fairness and justice, security, and a better environment , are also increasing each day “

#   A political system cannot be criticised abstractly without consideration for social and political circumstances, and historical cultural traditions. It cannot look up to one man as the highest authority or blindly copy foreign political systems without regard for specific conditions

#   The key is to convince the people about the need  for socialism and the Communist Party

#   Only with Socialism can we save China ; only with reform and opening up , can we develop China

#   The time has come for the party to get rid “ out-dated thinking “ and get ready for “ ideological innovations “ to keep pace with the changing times

#   As socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, the party must apply new approaches  . To forge iron, one first needs to get strong

#   A party and its authority rest on winning the hearts and minds of the people . What the public opposes and hates , we must address and resolve

#   The Communist Cadre must overcome vices, including “ pleasure seeking , inaction, sloth and problem avoidance

#   Achieving national rejuvenation will be no walk in the park

#   Our bold long-term goals for China’s development are :

·         Basically modernized “  Socialist country by 2035

·         Modern Socialist Strong Power “ with leading influence on the world stage, by
2050, matching the US in terms of economic development


Some of these are also the thoughts that Shri Narendra Modiji has been repeatedly voicing to the BJP cadre and the BJP netas over the past 40 months , since coming to power at the centre

But Shri Modiji does not have the force of the “ One Party “ Chinese Political System ( Capitalistic Communism or  Communistic  Capitalism ? ) to back him up  !

Not that he would ever , even want it , being deeply steeped in the ancient Indian philosophy of discussions / debate / dissent / disagreement !

But that does not mean that we in India , cannot come up with our own home-grown version of a unique Political System of governance , which may become “ a new choice to other developing countries “ , who too cherish multi-party democratic pluralism

I urge leaders of all political parties in India to come forward and support my suggestion of a National Coalition Government , as described in following blogs :


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  22  Oct  2017

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Robots picking Stocks ?

You would not be surprised if you had read my following blog :

A Matter of Time    [  03  Jan  2017  ]

where I wrote :

So just wait to find out which Mobile Wallet comes up with the following " innovations " FIRST :

*  All bank accounts of a person ( in different banks ) become inter- operable / fungible ,
   through seamless interlinking , using Aadhar / UPI Interface in a Mobile Wallet
   No need to " select " a particular bank name


   [ Following news report confirm that the “ Interoperability “ which I predicted in Jan
    2017 , has finally arrived :

   Interoperable mobile wallets in 6 months: RBI  (  Oct  12 , 2017  )



*  All transactions using a Mobile Wallet, automatically entered in BLOCK-
    CHAIN database commonly shared by ALL banks

*  Wallet based algorithm will move funds across different bank accounts  for best yield ,
   constantly searching for best interest rates offered by banks on Fixed Deposits

   This will happen automatically , much like algorithm-based share trading , taking
   advantage of price differences in two bourses located 300 km apart ( in one
   thousandths of a second ! )


   No rocket science here considering availability of " BEST PRICE " apps for thousands of
   goods and services

  And since computing power of mobiles are doubling every 18 months ( Moore's Law ),
  nothing will stop algo-trading through a Mobile Wallet as well ( Demat A/C on Wallet ? )

So , the expected has come about  !

Here is the full news report ( Mumbai Mirror / 19 Oct 2017 )

The AI powered Equity Exchange-Traded Fund, which launched in the United States on Wednesday, will use IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence technology to pick several dozen stocks with potential to beat the market, the fund’s backers say.

The actively managed fund chooses stocks based on a set of rules that have been created by EquBot that uses artificial intelligence to analyse up to 10 years of data on thousands of stocks, including market sentiment, regulatory filings, news articles and social media posts.

It ranks each company based on the forecasted probability that each will profit from current economic conditions and world events.

“There has been an explosion of information,” Art Amador, co-founder of EquBot, said in an interview.

The explosion of data from the internet and elsewhere needs to be processed objectively, he said. “Humans do not have the capacity or the retention rate to do that.”

AI involves computers combing through troves of raw data to recognise patterns and predict outcomes, and joins a set of technologies displacing traditional – human – equity analysis.

Index-tracking ETFs have grown popular for letting investors trade entire markets as easily as a single stock, with no research necessary.

Even investors hoping to beat the market have increasingly turned to algorithms to pick stocks with attractive prospects.

EquBot that uses artificial intelligence to analyse up to 10 years of data on thousands of stocks, including market sentiment, regulatory filings, news articles and social media posts

21  Oct  2017

Friday, 20 October 2017

FAST will overtake SLOW ?

It is said :

In the internet age , the BIG will not overtake the SMALL

The FAST will overtake the SLOW  !

In following earlier blogs ( sent as emails to Policy Makers ) , I had urged the Prime Minister to appoint a ,

Technology Evaluation and Acquisition Minister [  TEAM  ]


Need of the hour ? : TEAM   [   21  April  2017   ]


Too  Late  ?  As always  !   [  19  Sept  2017  ]

Those in need to know how tiny Dubai is all set to overtake the mighty India , may want to read the following news appearing at :

Dubai just appointed a “ State Minister for Artificial Intelligence “


Governments around the world are beginning to understand the potential and importance of artificial intelligence (AI).

International acceptance has spread with the implementation of AI regulations, like what has been created in Germany. For others, like the U.S., incorporating AI begins with recommendations on how to move forward with the tech.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), however, the government took AI adoption one step further by installing a minister in-charge of AI.

The UAE’s first State Minister for Artificial Intelligence is 27-year-old Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama.

Olama is one of six newly appointed ministers, three of whom were women, who represent a new phase in the UAE’s pursuit of “ future skills, future sciences and future technology, as we prepare for the centenary to ensure a better future for our generations,” UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said during Thursday’s announcement, according to Gulf News.


As tech companies begin to center their business models around AI, it’s no surprise that a country like the UAE and a city like Dubai — which has invested heavily in technologies that are future-focused — want to be at the forefront of this development.

Dubai, for example, plans to put robot cops on the streets by 2030 and they’ve also been pushing to get autonomous vehicles on the city’s roads and in its skies.

“We want the UAE to become the world’s most prepared country for artificial intelligence,” said Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammad.

Aside from AI, Dubai is also investing in a number of hyperloop projects and even a plan to reach Mars.


Dear  Policy Makers :

Since we already have a Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ( MeIT ) for a long time , we are ahead of Dubai as far as AI is concerned

What we need is a Minister in charge of ANY type of technology ( examples shown in my blog ) which can benefit our country

In appointment of TEAM , we could still be FAST and have a " First Mover Advantage "

21  Oct   2017

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Adopt Innovative Ways

Hindustan Times ( 19  Oct ) carries following news report :

“ Adopt innovative ways to break silos in Govt : PM  “

 Bureaucrats should use technology for delivery of better governance; ministries should not work in silos and work as a team to realise the dream of creating New India by 2020.

This was Prime Minister Narendra Modi's missive to about 380 officials of the rank of director and deputy secretaries with whom he interacted this month.

“ The PM exhorted the officers to work with full dedication towards creation of New India by 2022.

He said that silos are a big bottleneck in the functioning of the Union government. He urged the officers to adopt innovative ways to break silos, which will result in the speeding up of various processes of governance,"  a government release said.


I suppose , by “ breaking silos “ , PM means :

Keep each other informed of what you are doing / working on , so that the “ left hand knows what the right hand is doing “ and you do not end up slowing down others’ efforts or end up working at cross purpose

Keeping each other informed about your initiatives will , not only avoid duplicate work but it will enable you to complement one another and synergize your efforts 

Here is how , we managed this ( breaking silos ) at the small Switchgear factory of L&T , way back in 60s ( call it V 1.0 ) :

·         Whenever , a manager sent out a letter ( to any outside party ) or a memo ( to an internal department ) , he asked his secretary to make a carbon copy , marked “ FOR CIRCULATION

Of course , he did this only when he considered that communication to be important enough for other Managers to know and felt that this knowledge would help the recipient to raise questions or guide him in his own decisions

Despatch Mail Room attendant responsible for all outgoing and internal mail distribution , would remove the copies marked “ FOR CIRCULATION “ , bunch these together , attach a CIRCULATION SLIP carrying the names of 8 / 10 managers and deliver to the manager whose name is right at the top

·         When the first-named manager finishes reading all those copies , he will enter “ date read “ against his name and place the bunch in his out-tray . And more often than not , he will enter his own remarks / comments on any of those letters / memos

·         Mail attendant will pick up the bunch and deliver it to the next-named manager

Utterly , Butterly , Simple  !

It worked beautifully well and all of us were in perfect SYNC , at all times

No doubt , when the factory grew and we had more than 20 managers , this system broke down since it would take a full month before the last-named manager got to read what others had written !

But then , those were the days when :

·         Managers had secretaries ( who typed on typewriters ) and used stapling devices

·         Managers boasted of “ OUT and IN  “ trays on their tables !

There were no computers / no internet / no Outlook / no Skype / no Online Collaboration softwares / no project-plans / no smart phones / no Webex / no Whatsapp / no nothing !

To day , every private sector manager and government officer , has access to all the above-mentioned aids

What could be holding them off , from coming out with VERSION 2.0 of the 50 year old process described above  ?

It can be nothing more than cultivating an attitude which says :

“ If sharing this info with my colleagues will make us move faster in providing better governance , then I will share it . Of course , I will not share info which must be kept secret ( even for a short while ) and which cannot be leaked “

Dear Narendrabhai :

But how is a Govt Officer to decide : 

·         Who ( which officers ) need to know about my views / thinking on this subject / topic and therefore , must get a copy of my email ?

If you decide to appoint a Committee of Secretaries to come up with guidelines re this ( sharing of email info to other govt officers ), then very little is likely to happen !

They may end up setting up another “ Empowered Committee “ !

For V 2.0 of the process which L&T followed 50 years ago , please consider following approach :

·         Government is already working on a big push for data analytics , in order to improve decision making .

·         Why not ask some leading software company to analyse those millions of emails ( sent out by various govt officers over the years ) and come up with an Artificial Intelligence based software , which will ( after reading / interpreting the content of each outgoing email from an officer ) , decide , WHO all ( other govt officers ) should get a copy ( cc: ) ?

Let us call such software  : IDEAIntelligence based Delivery of Email Alerts  }

Google / Amazon / Microsoft / Apple / Facebook etc are already using / employing similar AI based software algorithms for delivering advertisements to millions of “ most likely interested “ people around the World  !

Let no one tell you : This is not possible for a software to decide

Google’s AlphaGo Zero AI algorithm “ learns from scratch and with no human help beyond being told the rules ……… because AlphaGo Zero learns on its own from a blank state, its talents can now be turned to a host of real-world problems

 “ ( source : Business Line / 20 Oct 2017 )

And if anyone needs convincing , CBDT has recently awarded a $ 100 Million contract to L&T Infotech to develop a software platform ( using Semantic Web ) , to capture “ Tax Evaders “ , by scraping Social Media sites  !

One more thing :

Do not expect the government officers to welcome the idea of IDEA !

Most of them still believe their POWER lies in being in possession of some such information to which , they alone are privy !

20  Oct 2017